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The school of arts building division director Zhang Xueyong and LeiBin research in soprts department

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    On May 7, my school arts building division director Zhang Xueyong, deputy director of the LeiBinLai our construction of the school of arts and sports discipline development research work.Sports Liu Xu WenYang secretary, director of five staff representative took part in the survey.
     Director zhang said the research work is the first job of school arts building division was set up, the purpose is to understand the school of arts departments are the present situation and demands, in the field of sports discipline as an important part of the construction of the school of arts, hope can through the investigation for the liberal arts construction and discipline construction in the scientific research strategy, personnel training and the top planning and so on to provide sports disciplines in the field of information support and cultural support.
    Said in his speech, director of the liu, very welcome arts building division two leaders sports research, sports discipline is very weak in jiaotong university belongs to the subject, in the construction of professional titles and scientific research in have no voice.The survey, please two leaders must understand that the development of sports discipline, has the characteristics of the totally different from other disciplines.Such as sports teacher liu jiang an international referee, holding Olympic Games and World Cup, is the world's top referee experts;Eppinger s. sourcing by design teacher world champion;High level sports teams in school getting excellent results at home and abroad, while how to define?On teachers' title assess, whether can consider to classified guidance, considering the particularity of sports discipline.
Also, director of the research discussion, Liu Xu sport did feedback problems currently, sports in the scientific research platform construction (humanities and social science base, joint laboratory) and the top design (give money, exchanges and cooperation of interdisciplinarity) come across the bottleneck, need to get the school each department leadership support.Universities in sichuan in 211 and 985 at the same time, contrast, sports discipline in our school is in the lead, should establish "sports institute", will exert greater efficiency, to provide support for the construction of school big arts.
    Then WeiHongLei do sports sports teachers and scientific research report, sports have listed 10 patents (4 invention and 6 utility model), the national copyright administration to declare the software copyright six;Independent research and development of 23 for sports, venue for teaching and scientific research management system software support, administration, etc.WenYang professor, professor Zheng Songping, Dr Cao Xiangfa sports discipline construction in the construction of liberal arts of personal views and Suggestions are put forward, believe that in the new liberal arts building division, under the care and support of southwest jiaotong university sports discipline will be on a higher level.On the whole research process, and good communication effect.
    Finally, zhang and ray two director is to understand the situation, and puts forward opinions on the development of sports discipline feedback, and communicate the dynamic information of the construction of the school in the liberal arts and development situation.

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