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Table tennis world champion, Olympic champion in the gymnasium of Southwest Jiao Tong University

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     April 17 afternoon, Southwest Jiaotong University xipuzhen stadium inside voices. In support of the State Sports General Administration and the Chinese table tennis team, the "table tennis world champion, Olympic champion Southwest Jiaotong University Line" - Chinese table tennis women's team preparing for the 52nd Tokyo simulated game at the World Table Tennis Championships officially opened Southwest Jiaotong University. World famous tennis player, Chinese women's table tennis team coach Ling hui Kong rate elite female athletes Ding Ning, Li Xiaoxia, Liu Shiwen, etc. will all be present, close interaction with teachers and students of National Southwest Jiaotong University. 
     It is reported that, in order to prepare for the World Championships in Tokyo, testing the effect of closed training in Chengdu, April 17, the 18th Chinese women's table tennis at Southwest Jiaotong University Campus Stadium Xipu team warm-up match, the game will be broadcast live on Sichuan TV, CCTV Sports channel taped. After the warm-up match, Chinese women's table tennis  the end of this training camp, returned to Beijing for a rest, and then set off to Tokyo.

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