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Director Liu Xu visited the retired old teacher of PE department

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    The afternoon of April 26th, sports director Liu Xu and union for every teacher to prepare a box of fruit, and together in the nine campus Jinghu hotel for dinner, as the old teacher sent the blessing of health.

    There are 14 retired old teacher of PE department . They dedicated their lives for sports department, will be their most valuable time in the university sports department, they are the university sports hero.

At the same time, a detailed understanding of the specific life director Liu is a retired teacher,and asked them to keep moving, if have what problem, must tell the sports department. To understand Deng teacher every day physical beating massage on their own, said director Liu constantly, think this is in pursuit of the retreating sports and health on the road to learn, to choose their own sports, through sports, will continue to keep the body in front of the road to health.

    In addition, the sports department is a big family, each retired worker is a sports department concerned. Liu Xu director said, at a later time, will regularly for the old teacher organized party activities, such as tennis, chess, swimming and other sports teachers all like sports. So let us come together, each one retired worker can feel the warmth and care in the family of sports department.

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