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The first university college table tennis tournament of Sichuan province was successfully held in our school

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October 27 , 2013 , Sichuan Province, the first university college tennis tournament successfully concluded. Participate in this competition , including the well-known universities in the province a total of 25 28 college teams . Competition is divided into the elite group of colleges and universities , college groups , independent colleges and universities set of four group categories, a total of 28 projects , 968 games. The past two decades has created unprecedented number of entries and table tennis tournament event .
The opening ceremony, the 24th Olympic Games table tennis men's doubles champion Mr. Chen Longcan with my school朱建梅secretary of the tournament kick-off. Highly encouraged by my school effort to help the athletes in the race , struggling to fight to get good results in the second elite group of college men's team project first, second, women's team project. Electrical Engineering graduate students won the men 's singles Mali Qi 's first project , the students of Civil Engineering 2010 Wang Ziqi was second , men's doubles first project by the Institute of Earth Science and Mechanical College student Meng- city high school where the students get .
Among them, the Electrical Engineering graduate students as Mali Qi State two tennis players , who fought on behalf of China , Sichuan University Games , and access to college league singles champion honors .
The tournament total of 247 athletes , coaches 57 and 28 domestic referees to participate in the book . Our school sports department Professor Du Liping as the tournament referee . Competition to get school leaders praised the positive affirmation and the community , and hope that this event held continuously , do big , run strong.

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