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with the three part ,our school have two campus and digital sports show in stage

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     As of December 2012, our depardment  teachers. 46 people, tutors, including 5 professors, adjunct professor of one person (the us sports expert John Edwin Diggs), 12 associate professors, lecturers 24 people, 4 associate professors.Teachers with doctor's degree in 3 people, with a master's degree of 20 people (2) people reading, three international referee, volleyball, table tennis, cheerleaders) 2 international athletes (Ceng Xiujun, eppinger s. sourcing by design), three senior experts from the outside (industrial university physical education and health sciences in Munich, dean of the school of Juergen Beckmann YaoErGen Beckmann, a professor, chengdu sports bureau deputy director Yang Likang, sichuan university sports Shen Jihong professor).
    Mr CAI yuanpei has a famous saying: "complete personality, first in the sports";But the physical falling for more than 20 years of youth in China today, body besides, how to improve the personality?How to serve my country in the future?Now our country teenager groups most in school, colleges and universities became more kill health areas.By "house" in the dormitory, "all night game", "sleep to nature to wake," university of proprietary vocabulary and to student's daily life.And sports is stimulate students passion, burning energy, rich campus culture life, improve the level of physical health the best carrier.Therefore, the pros and cons of college sports work directly on the student's study life state and physical development have a profound impact.Now many colleges and universities sports and physical examination, the phenomenon of the sudden death of students, investigate its root causes, is not get into the habit of good movement in weekdays, suddenly power movement, caused the tragedy
    .In 2012, aiming at a series of problems in college sports work throughout the country, sports strive to build "sunshine sports project".Namely: the timing system, the development of independent sports "sunshine gym memberships" given away for free to students, deploying open 14 movement time zone (8 free, open the rest of the half price).Students initiative to movement time zone card at least three times a week, every time 1 hour or more, and linked to the appropriate teaching achievement, stimulate students' sports experience.After 11 weeks of trial, the effect is significant:
1. Participate in the "sunshine sports project" freshman yearand second students, a total of 11000 people, the time is 11 weeks.
2. Sports venues total admission visitors: 395100 person-time, average: 5120 / day.
3. The movement total length: 44333654 minutes, add up to 738894 hours.
4. Each exercise every day: 52 minutes.Physical education, 90 minutes per week, total 64 points/person/day.

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