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Sports club rock club won rock bouldering single champion skills contest

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    On April 5, 2014, the eighth session of national college outdoor skills contest kicked off in Beijing university, from universities and colleges in the country a total of 27 students took part in the race of outdoor community.Three students participate in sports clubs in our school rock club, outdoor skills contest, 10th championship level 2012 school of transportation and logistics student club President Wang Xuan rock in rock climbing sport bouldering win titles for the school.
    The national college outdoor skills contest will be divided into directional cross-country skills, high skills, rock climbing and bouldering equipment four projects.Participants in each project, and through the physical stamina, speed, strength, and the team collaborative aspects of test, finally decided by comprehensive performance team.
    The rock club is in the second half of 2012 the new community, with the expansion of school physical education curriculum to further, some emerging rock climbing, developing course to study life began to enter the students in our school.Corporate slogan is outdoor, go out and mountains there, road in the feet.According to understand, the university outdoor skills contest is organized by Peking University ShanYingShe athletics game, since 2004 has been successfully held seven sessions.Competition for the national universities outdoor enthusiasts to provide a platform for communication and display, effectively enhance the communication between the Chinese universities outdoor club, at the same time inspection group for outdoor skills of college students to master degree, promote college outdoor sports more secure, efficient and vigorous development.

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