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Along with the deepening of international level, PE department has also achieved a lot in the area of international exchanges.     In the form of foreign faculty and foreignexchange , we can see that PE department of Southwest Jiaotong University has stood on the international arena.

In the summer of 2010 , PE Department of Southwest Jiaotong University was invited to Germany for academic and cultural exchanges by Sports Institute of Technical University of Munich. Xu Liu , director of the PE department and Li Jing, director of the sports department of Emei Campus . In Germany , they made a presentation on behalf of Southwest Jiaotong University . In the conference room of the Sports Institute ofTechnical University of Munich Institute , director Liu Xu made a speech.In his lecture, he introduced Southwest Jiaotong University , told the university from 1896 to nowadays, how the formation of " one school , two cities, three campuses ." was structured ; and since the establishment of PE department of Southwest Jiaotong University, teachers used high bar as pole to lift sport equipments for class , and now bright , spacious, and the country 's premier sports stadiums group ; meanwhile, recently PE department had also developed seven sets computer management software related to stadiums reservation, to build a network management platform for stadiums , improve the level of stadiums management, and realize information management. Innovation, keep changing in stability , while the steady development , the introduction of indoor live cs project which introduced team work into school physical education curriculum at the same, this curriculum brings students with joy during movement , learn in movement , effectively improve the students interest in sport . Meanwhile, director Liu introduced the management of stadiums in our university, sports teaching and training , group activities and training of graduate students . Director Li Jing explained the research of Taijiquan. German experts raised questions constantly. Then they held a talk with the International Office Director Ms. SeLinda on bilateral exchange of graduate students , teachers visiting, joint research and other issues through friendly consultations , especially for German communication problems of study in the German . For students and teachers studying in Germany were discussed as a topic. Director Liu Xu revealed , Technical University of Munich in Germany likes our university, the degree of internationalization is not very high , for example lack of English curriculum , and etc. they were very looking forward to get a breakthrough in international exchanges . After the lecture , director Liu Xu and Li Jing also visited several schools such as the University of Potsdam. The invitation to Technical University of Munich for academic exchange is first trip to Germany after PE department has been built for 115 years . It is a great breakthrough of PE department Southwest Jiaotong University in international exchange. From then on , the process of internationalization of PE Department will be greatly accelerated , and will be much more international.


At present, there are three international referees in PE Department. Associate professor Liu Jiang is an international volleyball referee , professor Du Liping is an international table tennis and professor Li Hong is an international aerobics referee .

Liu Jiang , associate professor, deputy director of the PE department ,Committee of Chinese Volleyball Association Referee Committees Co-director of the Conference Committee of Sichuan, international volleyball referee ,head coach of Southwest Jiaotong University men's volleyball team, the team has won the championship for several times title by his leading. He awarded the ministerial recognition of the ministry of education ,Chancellor level recognition of Southwest Jiaotong University, the Southwest Jiaotong University Outstanding Young Teacher Award of Luks , Sichuan Volleyball Champions League recognition and other incentives.


Du Liping , professor, referee of international table tennis , the only international referee of table tennis in southwest colleges. Served as the 2007 Table Tennis World Cup final referee , 2008 Beijing Olympic Games table tennis referee , the International Table Tennis Tour final referee in 2009, awarded the State Sports General Administration of China Table Tennis Club League "Outstanding Referee" title; as China Sports Science Society in 2008, member of Chinese Table Tennis Association, deputy director of Sichuan Provincial Table Tennis referee Committee , Authority Director of Sichuan University Table Tennis Referee Committee .


Li Hong , professor , ICU cheerleading International C-class referee , referee aerobics class honors , China National aerobics instructor , Chinese national fitness instructor Director ; Committee member of China Student Aerobics And Rhythmic Gymnastics Association(CSARA);Chinese school aerobics, gymnastics, cheerleading senior trainer ; aerobics teacher full-time trainer of ministry of education , has served as National Aerobics , cheerleading referee duties ; as a technical officer , on behalf of China University Sports Association , two parade Association , went to Japan , the United States , Australia and other countries to conduct exchanges and referee learning.


Along with the teachers went out of the country one by one , the Southwest Jiaotong University Sports Department has been belt abroad. However, in the classroom, they have not been idle, the sports department opened the first sports bilingual curriculum, which involves table tennis, tennis and volleyball, a total of 5 teachers are included in bilingual teaching. The teacher held in Sichuan Province lecture contest, bilingual courses university sports department also received good results.

In the paper, PE Department of Southwest Jiaotong University has three project of Ministry of education, it is also can be counted on one's fingers in Sichuan province.

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