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In Southwest Jiaotong University, sport has always been in a fine tradition. In those years teaching in English, nowadays accelerating of internationalization, a constant belief is always kept in the minds of people of Southwest Jiaotong University sports. In order to maximize the environment effect, physical education must be in a scrupulous environment. Initially we just have a routine military exercises and drills, but now, we have intangible heritage items ( Tai Chi, Kung Fu Fan, Dragon and Lion dance ) ; fashion casual fun project (Outward Bound, Fencing , Kendo , Golf ) ; digital sports item ( E-sports competition , Intellectual development) ; existing teaching traditional sports ( Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Baseball ) so four sections totaling dozens of sport items. Striving to combine with the emerging sports in society, we can basically meet students’ studying needs in variety aspects.

In teaching, PE department continues to implement student self curricula-variable, choose teachers, choose course time, three autonomous mode, do its utmost to meet different needs of students’ interests in sports, it is popular among college students. By loginning the website of PE department, students can query their theory test score, final score, teacher’s evaluation. Bidirectional scoring mechanism lets students feel the position as a teaching subject. Under the guidance of director Liu Xu, PE department introduced a complex talent with system software development skills. He assisted and led the development of a set of management software, for example “stadiums reservation system”, which built a network management platform in our university, and combining with “teaching management system”, we can provide students a higher and convenient platform.

Xipu Campus Address:Southwest Jiaotong University,West park, High-tech Zone,Chengdu,Sichuan Province,China     Zip Code:611756

Jiulidi Campus Address:No.111, First section of the north second ring road,Chengdu,Sichuan     Zip Code:610031

Contact Us:  Office Number:028-66366575;Human performance laboratory:028-66366576;Fitness card center:028-66367429

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