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From old school in Tangshan, to Mount Emei , from the historic city -- Chengdu , to the new campus in xipu. Despite wind and rain vicissitudes, shouldering responsibility, down to earth , we came from history, sports people in all generations of Southwest Jiaotong University are under indomitable efforts , sport of Southwest Jiaotong University is fruitful. A new generation of sports people of Southwest Jiaotong University will continue to be more enthusiasm to interpret more glorious music .

The first PE department director : Jiazeng Xu 1937 ~ 1974

During the Anti-Japanese War , from Tangshan passed by Changsha , then to Ping Yue in Guizhou province, professor Xu used horizontal bar as pole to lug exercise equipment. Floundered half of China, trek in the daytime, when the rest, put the horizontal bar between two trees to do some practices. That was how sport continued in Southwest Jiaotong University, during the anti-Japanese war.

Second PE department Director : Liu Jingfeng 1974 to 1982

Branch secretary : Jingfeng Liu from 1971 to 1983

Third PE department Director : Houmeng Xu from 1982 to 1995 ; Guangyi Shu ( Vice ) 1982 ~ 2000

Branch secretary : Kui Li 1983 to 1994

Branch secretary : Taiwan Zhang from 1994 to 1995

Fourth PE department: 1995 to 2007 Zhengsong Ping Liu Xu ( vice ) from 1995 to 2007

Yang Wen ( vice ) from 2002 to 2007

Jiang Liu ( vice ) 2006 ~ 2007

Branch secretary : Lianchun Shao 1995 to 1996

Branch secretary : Xu Liu, from 1996 to 2007

Xipu Campus Address:Southwest Jiaotong University,West park, High-tech Zone,Chengdu,Sichuan Province,China     Zip Code:611756

Jiulidi Campus Address:No.111, First section of the north second ring road,Chengdu,Sichuan     Zip Code:610031

Contact Us:  Office Number:028-66366575;Human performance laboratory:028-66366576;Fitness card center:028-66367429

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