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Music for the test of aerobics class of Zhao Ye
Click to download:Music of latin aerobics.mp3
category:    2014-4-25 14:56
Southwest Jiaotong University campus in autumn 2013 Adidas dance "aerobics" open class
In order to enrich the content of our school aerobics courses increase students exchange learning platform. Will be November 21, 2013 at 2:00 pm at the Adidas dance autumn campus "aerobics" open c ...
category:    2013-11-20 14:15
Video of teacher Zhao Ye's aerobics class in the first semester of 2012-2013 school year
category:    2013-11-3 21:17
Video of teacher Zhao Ye's aerobics class in the second semester of 2012-2013 school year to download:Popular aerobics second required action of adult level——The third set of the nationalstandard of Mass Aerobics Exercise
category:    2013-5-15 09:32
Video and music of aerobics class in 2012 to download "My heart flies"
category:    2012-11-5 20:55
Music ( Professor Li Hong)
Click to download:Music 1.wmaMusic2.wmaMusic3.wmaMusic4.wmaMusic5.wmaMusic6.wma
category:    2012-6-5 17:55
Music of Hip-Pop(Chen Ya)
Hip-Pop Music.mp3Bouquet
category:    2012-5-20 21:22

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